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Sustainability Innovation Lab

A rapid update on what matters & current trends in sustainability, 
as well as immediate actions to help reinvent or adjust
your product portfolio to get started.

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Recent years have triggered deep and wide changes across societies and economic sectors. 

There is a new sustainability and back-to-nature culture on a societal level that changes what is possible for places with abundant natural resources. 

These dynamic changes hold many more opportunities for nature-based destinations than were previously on the table if they can be harnessed by businesses and destinations.



The Sustainability Innovation Lab is a hands-on program that takes destinations and businesses through a process of reinventing or realigning their tourism portfolios to match new market opportunities as well as expectations for sustainability. 


The key components of the Lab are:

  1. Synthesis of relevant trends, dynamics and changes
    (What is new?)

  2. Mapping of the sustainability innovation opportunities
    (What is in it for us?)

  3. Kickstart your reinvention journey
    (How can we make it happen now and beyond?)



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Scope & Cost: 

Number of participants: Up to 30 

Estimated time for implementation: 1-2 months
Price: USD 9,800 (for a standard package) + travel



The Sustainability Innovation Lab is a standalone, rapid program for destinations and businesses. It can also serve as a first phase of a more in-depth process leading to a long-term sustainability effort.


The Lab can be followed by a First Mile program that uses behavior change tactics to improve your sustainability footprint through small, easy-to-execute and low-investment tactics.


Following the First Mile program, a hands-on Wholistic Sustainability Plan can identify realistic and long-term actions that will take your destination and businesses to peak sustainability.

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