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Open Position

UPLIFT Tourism Program Coordinator

Position Type:               Full time

Application Closes:      April 8th, 2022 

About the Position: 

We are seeking an energetic, passionate self-starter with an interest in tourism and nature to join our team, working directly with the company founder to coordinate implementation of our UPLIFT programs that help to strengthen sustainable tourism in natural land-&-seascapes.


NatureScapes are applying this framework in a number of project sites in the US and around the world. The UPLIFT Tourism Program Coordinator will become familiar with these tools and programs and coordinate their implementation, working closely with local partners, technical experts and others. 


In addition to the program coordination role, we are also seeking candidates that have technical skills (or a strong interest) in one or more technical areas of the UPLIFT program and can provide technical services under this framework. This may include story-telling, marketing & promotion, support to tourism entrepreneurs/staff or other relevant skills. Although existing technical skills are a plus, we also anticipate helping the person hired to build their skills to play a central role as we scale the UPLIFT program. 

For more information about our UPLIFT program, click here

Scope of Work

Coordination (approximately 50% of time) 

  • Maintain and update the project management systems to track implementation actions, timelines and tasks 

  • Coordinate and communicate with UPLIFT team members and partners to assist them in the planning, scheduling and reporting back on key tasks and actions that will be implemented through the program 

  • Coordinate logistical needs for the program, including scheduling for meetings, events, trainings, etc. 

  • Design and disseminate information about the UPLIFT program to potential participants, partners and clients 

  • Outreach and coordination with program participants to information them about UPLIFT activities, coordinate logistics, etc. 

  • Oversee the UPLIFT ‘Knowledge Center,’ an online clearinghouse for informational and educational resources for UPLIFT participants. This will include identifying and gathering resources to be included in the ‘Knowledge Center.’

  • Design (with other team members) and implement a communications strategy for UPLIFT programs, including periodic ‘newsletter’ type communications that update participants about program activities, useful resources and successes. 

  • Gather, compile and edit reporting information from UPLIFT team and partners for periodic reporting to clients or for internal planning purposes. 

  • Other administrative, business development and coordination tasks as needed. 


Technical (approximately 50% of time)

We are looking for a candidate that can coordinate implementation of UPLIFT programs (tasks outlined above) and also provide tourism technical services under the UPLIFT Framework. We have some flexibility in what technical skills a candidate brings to the team. Below are some skills that the selected candidate may have. Not all are required and other skills may also be considered that are not listed below. 


Illustrative technical skills may include: 

  • Coordinate story telling component of the UPLIFT program, including content creation, editing, gathering of promotional content from partners, coordination of professional services (video production, photo shoots, creative writing), etc.  

  • Mentor and train UPLIFT participants on how to shoot their own video stories, gather videos from participants and support the review and feedback to participants. This may also include creation of region-specific online story ‘packages’ that inform front line staff of all the stories and things to do in a region.

  • Design and run tourism marketing campaigns and programs  

  • Coordinate and communicate with potential promotional partners and channels that can help promote UPLIFT participants and support the team in design and implementation of outreach activities to help promote participants

  • Develop and manage a program Podcast, including planning and scheduling for podcast sessions, editing content, uploading and promoting podcasts. 

  • Other storytelling, communication and marketing skills 

  • Business support services, such as business planning, business management & training. 

  • Tourism practitioner training/mentoring, including frontline staff, managers, guides, etc. 

  • Tourism product/experience development 

  • Tourism market research 


Some travel within North Carolina will be required. This is estimated to be approximately 5-10% of your time. International travel may also be an option, if the candidate has an interest, but is not required. 


Required Qualifications 

  • Minimum 3-years of relevant work experience 

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field 

  • Project coordination/management experience 

  • Highly organized 

  • Residing in, or willing to move to, North Carolina 

  • Able to work remotely and self-manage time and tasks 

  • Experience working with diverse communities, cultures and individuals 

  • Good communication, writing and editing skills 

  • Experience with communications to internal and external partners  


Desirable Qualifications

(some of the below skills are desirable but not required)  

  • A background and interest in travel & tourism is beneficial to the position 

  • Experience with storytelling, audio-visual communications and/or marketing 

  • Experience with editing/publishing communication materials, such as podcasts, newsletters, marketing campaigns etc.  

  • Experience with business development, planning and training

  • Experience with tourism market research  

  • Experience with practical training for tourism practitioners (front line staff) 

  • Tour planning, itinerary development, tourism product development 

  • Description


Based on level of experience and technical capabilities 


Interested applicants should send their resume/CV and a cover letter to:

We appreciate your interest in this position. Due to the volume of applicants only those selected for an interview will be contacted.